Baraboo golf course offers new sport 'Fling Golf'

BARABOO, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Rather than using your club to hit a ball, in Fling Golf, you just pick it up with the fling stick and launch it toward the pin.

This means much faster rounds and you can leave your golf bag at home because no caddy is needed.

Officials say it is a hybrid between golf and lacrosse. 

"It is more accurate I believe than golf, because you're not (going to) hit it so it goes one way or another, it pretty much goes straight all the time," Fling Golfer Mike Derusha said. "It is a little bit challenging putting, but it's just like another thing like any other sport you have to practice to get better."

If you are interested in trying Fling Golf, Fairfield hills Golf course in Baraboo now offers golfers the option to play. No experience is necessary.

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