Bars and restaurants concerned about MLB lockout implications

NOW: Bars and restaurants concerned about MLB lockout implications

MILWAUKEE, (CBS 58) -- The ongoing stalemate between Major League Baseball owners and players is sparking concerns for local small business owners.

The MLB announced this week the first two regular season series games would be canceled.

Kelly's Bleachers Bar & Grill owner Anthony Luchini shared with CBS 58 what his reaction was to hearing that news.

"Just disappointed," Luchini said.

Luchini said he's hoping for a quick resolution to the negotiations.

"I get it, they're trying to get what's best for theirs and their families and understandable, who doesn't want to do that?," Luchini said. "But, again, being a baseball fan, let's play ball."

Kelly's Bleachers is one of several bars and restaurants in the Milwaukee area that offer shuttle services to Brewers' home games during the season. That means their busiest days are when the team is playing at American Family Field. But the lockout is already set to have an impact, even with just two series canceled.

"It's six months of baseball and if they take away one weekend we lose a lot of money and the staff here loses a lot of money and it loses atmosphere," Luchini told CBS 58. "This place does great but it does best when the Brewers are playing."

The pandemic took a toll on the restaurant industry and an extended lockout may compound effects for businesses like Kelly's Bleachers.

"If we don't have that it's going to be a tough couple of months on top of a tough couple of years," Luchini said.

Lead negotiators for both sides of the MLB lockout met Thursday to discuss paths forward including a timeline of negotiations.

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