Bango helped keep spirits alive with a few surprises

NOW: Bango helped keep spirits alive with a few surprises

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS 58) – Despite Sunday’s loss, fans are optimistic and Bango helped keep spirits high with a few surprises on Monday.

From t-shirts to game day tickets, Bango his team took the excitement on The Hop.

According to Visit Milwaukee, the team has brought in lots of positive attention to the city.

The cheering and excitement on The Hop is just a taste of the energy floating around town as the Bucks continue their run in the playoffs.

Despite a game 3 loss, Bango and his helpers kept fans spirits high surprising them with prizes and game five tickets on The Hop.

“It was awesome! They gave me tickets, the kids got to see Bango, and it was just a great day,” says Charles Armstong winner of two game five tickets.

There’s no denying that Bucks fever is bringing a lot attention and money to Milwaukee.

“Just the energy that Milwaukee is bringing to the television screen, not only here locally, but nationally and internationally,” says Visit Milwaukee president and CEO Paul Upchurch. “We estimate there’s about $3,000,000 per home game. When you see all the energy going on at the plaza and Deer District it’s probably higher.”

Although game four will be in Toronto, fans say that won’t stop them from showing support at Deer District.

They’re even confident Sunday’s loss is just a bump in the road to the finals.

“I think we’ll be okay,” says Armstrong. “We played them pretty hard yesterday and I think we’ll be able to give them all we got the next few games, and just take care of business.’

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