Badly Burned Dog Found in Boarded up Home is Recovering at the Wisconsin Humane Society

MILWAUKEE - A badly burned dog found in a boarded up home in Milwaukee is on the road to recovery this afternoon.

Humphrey was found with burns all over his body in a vacant home. Rescuers aren't sure how he was hurt but say he's now getting the treatment he needs at the Wisconsin Humane Society.

"The circumstances surrounding how he was found and the extent of his injuries is suspicious. Fortunately, though, this two-year-old boy is here, you can see he is happy, he's on a great road to recovery. It amazes us, his personality. He's this joyous happy dog despite all the pain he's been through," said Angela Speed.

Humphrey still needs to recover for a few weeks before he can be put up for adoption. He can't play with other dogs while he heals so the Humane Society is encouraging people to make toy donations. 

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