Badger Gun Trial's Judge spends Morning Explaining How to Calculate Damages

The Badger Gun civil trial in Milwaukee is getting national attention and the case is winding down.  

The judge spent the morning explaining to jurors how to calculate damages.

Jurors will have to decide if Badger Guns is responsible for at least 5 claims of negligence in selling a gun in a straw purchase.

Jurors also have to decide on past and future health care expenses.

Officers Bryan Norberg and Graham Kunisch filed the civil suit after they say Badger Guns should have trained their employees to recognize and stop the straw purchase.

 The officer's attorneys said Jacob Collins bought a handgun for Julius Burton at Badger Guns. Attorneys for the police said Collins checked off a federal form saying he was buying a gun for someone else. Something attorneys said should have stopped the store from selling the gun.

Burton later shot Kunisch and Norberg in the face.

Kunisch lost part of his brain and an eye, and Norberg lost his teeth and injured a shoulder.

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