Baby delivered at Germantown Park and Ride

NOW: Baby delivered at Germantown Park and Ride

We've heard of babies born in the backseat of cars and along the freeway.

How about at the Park and Ride?

The call came in around 8 Friday morning from the Park and Ride at Lannon and 41 in Germantown.

The woman was full term and a couple of weeks past due.

She was in labor and the firefighters who responded knew right away they wouldn't make it to the hospital.

Firefighter and EMT Andrew Mayer already saw crowning the baby's head.

"It was rapid,' Mayer told CBS 58 News. "From the time I saw the water break to full delivery it was four minutes."

This was the first time Mayer delivered a baby. The same for her partner, Captain Cary Rodriguez.

"It was a unique and enjoyable experience," said Captain Rodriguez. "Something you don't experience every day. In my 14 years, this was the first time I was able to deliver a baby."

A first time field delivery for Rodriguez and Mayer and the second such delivery for the Germantown Fire Department this year.

Both mother and baby daughter are said to be doing fine.

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