August is the last month of Meteorological Summer

NOW: August is the last month of Meteorological Summer

Welcome to August! It's the last month of Meteorological Summer. And the first month of the year where average start to slightly cool. Today started out mild in the mid 70s in most spots with a bit of a northerly breeze. We have high pressure in control of our weather in the coming days so expect these quiet weather conditions to continue. 

 Winds flow clockwise around high pressure systems and that's what provided that north wind today. It did create a choppy day out on Lake Michigan with Beach hazards in place, but those conditions will ease up this evening. Tomorrow you can still expect a mild day in the mid 70s. But look at that heat back to the west. 
 As that high glides east across the Great Lakes, we'll start to feel our wind shift to the south and that's when the heat will build in once again. The state fair begins on Thursday and by then summer heat is back in place.
The dry conditions will continue through the work week with our next chance for rain and possibly storm on Sunday. As you can see from the image in this blog August averages 3.65" of rain. But continued dry conditions mean moe watering of the lawn and gardens in the days ahead.

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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