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Attorneys debate language for jury questionnaires in Slender Man case

On Thursday the Slender Man suspects appeared in court for an update in their cases. A judge reviewed the questionnaires that will be sent out to the jurors.

Selecting the right jury is crucial to both sides of the case. There are two separate questionnaires because Annisa Weier and Morgan Geyser are being tried separately.

Both suspects appeared in court and are accused of stabbing a classmate nine times in an effort to please the fictional character Slender Man in May of 2014.

At the time the two suspects were just 12-years-old.

Since the incident, both girls entered not guilty pleas by reason of medical disease or defect.

The judge reviewed both questionnaires to help streamline the jury selection process. One of the things they brought up is if they should use the term “Slender Man case” in the questionnaire.

Attorneys will have about week to adjust them so they can be sent out.

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