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Attempted robbery, shooting caught on gas station surveillance near 35th and Silver Spring

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Surveillance video shows a man carrying a gun jumped and beaten before shooting his attacker. 

The shooting happened outside a gas station near 35th and Silver Spring.

Surveillance video shows a man riding his bike away from a Citgo getting dragged down from behind and beaten with several punches to the face and head.

Police say the attacker is 21-year-old Alasan Dawan. 

The man on the bike had a pistol on him and video shows him managing to chase Dawan off while pointing the gun at him.

That's where it looks like things end.

Dawan, however, comes back and the two men circle each other until the man with the gun uses it to hit Dawan in the back.

A different angle then shows Dawan picking something off the ground. Police say that was the man's wallet and cell phone which had fallen earlier. Seconds later, the man shoots. Dawan hits the ground and doesn't move.

Officers say Dawan was hit in his right hip. He's now been charged with robbery with a use of force.

Police say the man with the gun had a concealed carry permit. No charges have been filed against him. 

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