Associated Bank gives away office supplies to area nonprofits

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- In the basement of Associated Bank in West Allis, $7,000 worth of office supplies sit in boxes. 

"As a result of work from home, we realized we weren't using a lot of supplies in our office," said Alyssa Gilson, community events and volunteer program manager. 

Instead of throwing away the perfectly good office supplies, the company is giving it away to local nonprofits. 

"For some reason we can't have enough paper clips in the office for things that we're doing and folders and things like that," said Trena Bond with Milwaukee's Housing Resources Inc. 

Bond filled a dozen boxes with supplies like staplers and desk organizers Tuesday, May 24. She says the less money spent on office supplies means more money to go toward other day-to-day necessities. 

"We don't have to spend the money on that we can continue to help clients and continue to maintain our staff and our space," said Bond. 

Organizations walked through with lists of items to check off to help fill their supply cabinets. 

"We just opened another floor in our office building so we're definitely going to use this office supplies and put it to good use," said Joshua Pautz with Revitalize Milwaukee. 

In all, about 20 nonprofits came by to grab supplies. Associated Bank says they plan to host other similar events around the state. 

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