Assembly Speaker Robin Vos unveils education plan

NOW: Assembly Speaker Robin Vos unveils education plan

Time is ticking away on the state's current budget and Republicans keep tossing out competing ideas.

Now, some are starting to believe the budget won't be done on time.

Wisconsin Government doesn't shut down if it doesn't have a new budget by the time the old one expires instead that old budget just stays in place. 

That's something Assembly Speaker Robin Vos reminded people today. Assembly Republicans also introduced a K through 12 education funding plan which they say would put more money into the classroom than Governor Walker's proposal.

The plan was rejected by the Republican Senate Leader before Vos could officially announce it.

Then tweets showed Senate Republicans meeting to work on the budget. 

There's some talk that Senate Republicans could break off and write a competing version of the budget.

Something Vos said has never been done when one party has control. 

"Our job is to find answers. That's what the people elected us to do. They didn't elect us to be rubber stamps. They didn't elect us to check our brains at the door when we walk inside the Capitol. They elected us to put our best ideas forward, have the public discussion. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose," said Rep. Robin Vos. 

Democrats say Republicans are creating uncertainty over the next budget and it's a disservice to people in the state. 

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