Ascension Hospital's new clinic to open in Milwaukee's Third Ward

NOW: Ascension Hospital’s new clinic to open in Milwaukee’s Third Ward

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- There will soon be more access to health care in Milwaukee's Third Ward. 

Ascension Medical Group will start taking patients at their new clinic located at 174 North Broadway, on Monday, Aug. 17. 

Doctors say it's a one-stop shop where walk-ins are available for primary care visits. 

The clinic will have two full-time primary care doctors, two OB-GYN providers and a behavior health practitioner. 

Employees are taking safety measures in the 11,000-square-foot facility, and they also offer virtual visits. 

Doctors say the new facility will help people in the area access health care. 

"Our patients that we see are are working and have families at home. There’re juggling a lot on their plates. To be able to have something that’s so much closer to home and kind of in an area where they can get everything done at the same time where they don’t have to have their appoint and then go to another location to get a lab draw or schedule another location for an ultra sound. To have it all done is going to add a lot of time to their daily schedules,” Dr. Emily Lombard said. 

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