Art piece creates controversy in Appleton

APPLETON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A piece of art in Appleton is creating conversation and some say it's the wrong conversation.

Parents are saying it gives kids the creeps.

A local artist calls the piece 'The Collective.' It's made from recycled gas canisters. The piece is part of the city's rotating art program.

Some are calling it an eye-sore and claiming that they should have been notified before it was installed.

"I think most of the surrounding area here supports art and we like conversation, but we just think this is inappropriate for the place, and we should be consulted as tax payers," said John Bunks who lives near the art piece.

The piece was approved by the city during a months-long process.

After feedback, Appleton leaders say they may now move it and add more community input to the approvals process. 

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