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Arson investigators search Menomonee Falls garbage dump for human remains in home explosion debris

Authorities originally said the structure was vacant, but now investigators think there could have been people inside a home that exploded one week ago.

The home on North 24th Street near Concordia Avenue caught fire last Wednesday morning. It ended up exploding and collapsing.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice Arson Bureau is now looking into the fire and according to a new warrant signed by a judge, there is probable cause that there were possible victims who were buried in the building - possibly up to four people, according to a referenced preliminary investigation done by Milwaukee Police.

But no bodies were ever located, authorities originally said.

That’s where the search warrant comes in: the debris from the house was taken to the waste management lot on Boundary Road in Menomonee Falls. That is where investigators want to search for more evidence.

Currently the cause of the fire is considered "undetermined". Multiple gallon sized containers found with fabric are listed as items recovered from the site of the explosion.


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