Armed Forces Week kicks off in Milwaukee

NOW: Armed Forces Week kicks off in Milwaukee

Milwaukee Armed Forces Week kicked off tonight at the Wisconsin Club and all week long, we recognize the men and women who serve.

Two distinguished speakers took the podium tonight. CBS 58 News spoke with Brigadier General Brian Winski. Winski grew up in Milwaukee and dedicated his life to serving our country. He said trust in the military is at an all-time high. He sees his role tonight as a way to further bridge the gap between our country's army and its citizens. His message to the community tonight, "hire veterans."

"Speaking to all employers and potential employers out there, when you hire a veteran or guardsmen you're getting someone who is disciplined, who shows initiative, who is absolutely trustworthy and assimilates in teams." 

Winski tells us "Armed Forces Week" is important because it recognizes people in all armed services and makes him proud as a soldier, American, and a Wisconsinite. 

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