Archdiocese of Milwaukee holds vigil in light of Catholic Church sexual abuse findings

NOW: Archdiocese of Milwaukee holds vigil in light of Catholic Church sexual abuse findings

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- "We can never apologize enough," said Archbishop Jerome Listecki.

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee is saying sorry for anyone that was abused by a member of the Catholic church. They did so at a candlelight vigil at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in Milwaukee. The program was titled, "A Vigil of Reparation for the sins of the Bishops of the Church; Shepherds who have led their sheep astray.

Milwaukee’s archdiocese is not the center of any recent accusations, but they held the vigil echoing Saint Paul's First Letter to the Corinthians, "If one member suffers, all suffer together with it."

In Archbishop Litstecki's homily, he spoke about his love for the church and acknowledged recent news will open old wounds.

"I myself am angered. I myself am frustrated. I myself am ashamed, embarrassed by those actions," said Listecki.

He said covering something up will not make it better.

“For that and for those actions, I apologize to anyone who was abused by someone in the church, especially those who were young children. Never should that have ever happened. Never should that ever have been tolerated. Never. Therefore we can never apologize enough to those who have been abused. We can never apologize enough because they were abused under the cloak of someone who claimed to represent and be a shepherd,” said Listecki.

The regularly scheduled service was adjusted to a candlelight vigil recognizing the recent crises involving sexual abuse of minors in the Catholic Church worldwide. In the U.S. a Pennsylvania Grand Jury report released last month found more than 300 Catholic priests sexually abused more than a thousand children since 1947.

People attending the vigil appreciate the archdiocese for acknowledging those that have suffered sexual abuse at the hands of the church.

"We cannot deny the damage that has been done. That's not being Catholic, that's not being Christian. There has been a lot of damage done, and the sad part is that the child has been damaged, or the ship that leads to heaven has been led astray because of the mistakes that we do," said Lidia Bonilla.

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