Archdiocese bankruptcy plan upsets clergy sexual assault victims

Milwaukee Archdiocese announced a settlement with victims of clergy abuse, survivors' advocates highly criticized the paltry dollar amount. Today they're raising new concerns that the plan protects pedophiles and keep parishioners in the dark. CBS 58's Matt Doyle has the latest in the controversy.  
Clergy sex assault victims are not happy with the latest move in the Archdiocese bankruptcy plan.  
Earlier this month they said the plan provides the lowest compensation for victims of any church bankruptcy in the US.
Now leaders from the SNAP organization said the new plan leaves children at risk because it leaves thousands of reports secret.  
They charge that more than 100 names will be kept secret…and because of that those clergy are not investigated and won't be supervised properly.  
Doyle reached out to the Archdiocese of Milwaukee but haven't heard back yet. 
SNAP leaders are also upset about the cemetery trust saying it takes away from payouts to victims in the possible settlement.  
Archdiocese sent CBS 58 a statement reading in part:
\"We worked closely with abuse survivor attorneys to provide full transparency and confidence in the steps the archdiocese has taken to ensure the safety of children in this community.  That includes the posting of offender names on the archdiocesan website and the release of thousands of pages of documents requested by abuse survivors about what did and did not occur.  Now, working together, we were able to reach a settlement agreement that will allow abuse survivors and the archdiocese to move forward.\"
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