April is Gone...Below on Rainfall

Welcome to May!  Everything is in full bloom thanks to the the recent rainfall; however, we are not only below average for April rain, but also for the entire year!  April was also -1.8 degrees below normal, breaking a streak of 7 months where we ended above normal.

April ended up with 1.80" of rain, which is close to two inches below normal.  May's normal for rain is 3.40".  May rounds out the top 5 wettest months, falling behind the summer months where we see close to 4 inches of rain in June and August.

For the year we are sitting just under 3 inches below normal.  That's not too bad considering we are going into the wettest part of the year.  Thunderstorms are the greatest equalizer when it comes to rainfall, and summer thunderstorms are a quick way to catch back up.

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