Appeals court rules Gov. Evers' limits on public gatherings are 'invalid' and 'unenforceable'

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- An appeals court has ruled Gov. Tony Evers' limits on public indoor gatherings is "unquestionably invalid and unenforceable." 

Gov. Evers' order expired Friday, Nov. 6, and was hamstrung multiple times with court orders to stop and restart it. 

This comes during a week when Wisconsin surpassed 5,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases multiple times, and the state's hospital and health care systems continue to be stressed.

In a statement, Gov. Evers said:

“Today’s decision comes as we reported more than 6,000 new COVID-19 cases—the most ever in a single day. This is another blow to our state's response to this pandemic and our efforts to keep Wisconsinites safe. We will continue challenging this decision, but the bottom line is that we can’t wait for the courts to figure this out—we need Wisconsinites to stay home and mask up, and it has to start today. It’s the only way we will get this virus under control and ensure our economy can recover.”

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