'Any symptom, you're still in isolation': Local doctors respond to latest CDC isolation guidance

NOW: ’Any symptom, you’re still in isolation’: Local doctors respond to latest CDC isolation guidance

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- Local health care providers are reacting to the newest CDC guidelines regarding Covid-19.

The agency has lowered the isolation time from 10 days to five, for people who are asymptomatic. 

Officials with UW Health say there is data to suggest that Covid patients have their highest viral load two days before they have symptoms to three days after symptoms. The hard part, though, is determining if you really are symptom-free.

"Boil it down as simple as possible, if you have any symptom at all, really any symptom, you're still in isolation," said Dr. Jeff Pothof, chief quality officer at UW Health. "Do not go out in public. If you're completely symptom-free, the easiest way to have a little more clear assurance to know if it's safe is to grab an at-home rapid test."

UW Health officials say if that test comes back positive, you are still likely infectious. 

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