Another Chance for Rain and Storms Friday

The weekend rain and storms was a nice relief, but it's not enough as Milwaukee remains about 6 inches below average for the entire year.

Sun and clouds should continue through Wednesday and Thursday, but then our attention shifts to showers and storms for Friday.  A warm front will approach from the southwest late Thursday into Friday.  Take a look at the picture I've included.  There's a pretty pronounced shortwave aloft that will spark off the showers and storms.

The warm front will serve as the focus for the showers and storms.  Right now it appears any severe weather will stay to the south of our area where the greatest instability will remain.  If that warm front can move further north we have a chance for some better ingredients.  It's probably going to be tough to move the boundary especially if showers and storms are ongoing.

At this point we just need some decent rainfall and Friday could be a start!

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