Annual mailboat jumper tryouts at Lake Geneva

 For some it just wouldn't be summer on Lake Geneva without the mail arriving by boat.

But that means you have to have some athletic types who can jump off onto the pier, get the letter out of the box or in the box and then jump back off the pier and get back on the boat which never stops.

Sounds tough and yet there's never a shortage of young people who tryout for the honor each summer.

\"The technique to jumping is jump with the boat not at the boat,\" explained Thomas Peck who began last year. Each year you have to tryout again to show you've still got it. \"If you just jump with the boat it will carry you along with it. If you jump at the boat. It's gonna hurt.\"

And then there's always the chance that you might actually fall in as witnessed by the CBS 58 goPro camera.

Captain Neill Frame has been guiding the mailboat since the summer of 1973 or '74.

\"I just really enjoy the people and interacting with the kids,\" Captain Frame said in between hearty laughter. \"The fact that it's so unique. We have people from all over the world come to see it.\"

Jessa Burling  tried out for the first time. \"I thought it was fun! At first I was scared, but then it got easier.\"

Passengers are allowed on board for tours during the summer mailboat delivery which is in its 99th year.

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