Amtrak passengers have very difficult trip to Chicago Sunday

 MILWAUKEE - Some passengers riding the Amtrak train from Milwaukee to Chicago Sunday had a very difficult trip. The 3 PM train heading to the Windy City had mechanical problems at the Mitchell International stop and was out of commission for about 4 hours while crews worked on it. Emily Krusche of New Berlin was on the train with her family. She says there was no heat on the train while it was stalled except for about 10 minutes every half hour. Krusche also said the restrooms were not working either. Finally the train was pushed back to Downtown Milwaukee and passengers boarded the next train to Chicago. That trip got interrupted about a mile in when it was learned the train was routed on the wrong track. Krusche described that as being a little scary, but the train was routed to the proper track and left for Chicago. The mechanical issues caused delays all along the Hiawatha line Sunday Night. Amtrak officials sent us a short email saying there was about a 4 hour delay while crews worked on mechanical issues. Amtrak did not address why the the second train was routed on the wrong track.


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