Ambulance calls up due to the extreme heat Saturday

High temperatures and humidity Saturday put stress on people and first responders.   Scott Mickelsen of Bell Ambulance said they experienced a significant spike in the number of calls Saturday, many of them due to heat related illness.    With a high temperature in Milwaukee of 95 and a heat index of 109, Michelsen said Bell Ambulance experienced a 30 percent increase in calls over a typical Saturday.   He said 30 to 35 of those calls were due to heat related issues.  Temperatures are expected to be in the low 90s today with a heat index around 100 degrees.   Mickelsen said Bell Ambulance has extra staff on duty to handle the anticipated increase in call outs. 

To avoid heat related issues the Milwaukee Health Department recommends  people limit their physical activity, spend part of the day in an air conditioned space, take advantage of local cooling centers when they are open, wear lightweight, loose-fitting clothing, take cool baths or showers, and never leave pets, children, elderly or disabled adults in a parked car where temperatures can become life-threatening.   Drink plenty of water and avoid caffeinated or alcoholic drinks which can increase the effects of heat.  Be aware of the symptoms of heat-related illness in adults and children, especially infants.   Check on people who may be most at-risk for heat illness and check your local news and weather reports for extreme heat alerts.

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