Amber Alert Car Jacking Suspect Went on a Crime Spree Starting in Illinois

The man that allegedly kidnapped three-year-old has been charged with the abduction, stabbing his father and robbery.

Jumal Lipscomb has been charged with attempted first degree intentional homicide, abduction and robbery.

The crime spree began in Illinois on November 13. Lipscomb was arrested for drunk driving. He was presented as a suicide risk and was transported to a mental health facility. On the way to the facility, the defendant attacked the transport personnel and escaped.

On November 15 around 5:35 AM, the defendant was in Milwaukee at his father’s house at 5363 North 55th Street. Lipscomb had recently been living there with his three children. The defendant’s father, Willie Lipscomb, 77-years-old, told the defendant the authorities were looking for him. The defendant went into his room and got a screwdriver. He suddenly started stabbing his father multiple times to the chest, face and head. One of Lipscomb’s children intervened.

Lipscomb left the residence in a car parked outside in the driveway.

At 6:53 PM, a woman was going to visit someone at St. Joseph Hospital and was getting out of her Volvo that she had just parked. Her 3-year-old daughter was in the back seat in a child car seat. Lipscomb approached her and demanded her car. She pleaded with him to not take her child, but he just smiled and drove away.

She called police.

The mother later viewed a photo line-up and identified the man who took her child. A hospital security guard saw the incident, and identified the defendant from a line-up.

Later the same day at 7:37 PM, a man was pumping gas at a Brookfield gas station when Lipscomb punched him and got into the man’s car. The man struggled to get the man out of the car and ended up crashing the car on the gas station lot. Lipscomb got back into the Volvo and drove away.

A guest at a hotel in Lake Mills saw the Amber Alert. At 11:05 PM, he saw the Volvo in the hotel lot. He contacted authorities. Jefferson County Sheriff deputies went into the hotel and caught the defendant as he was walking out of the hotel and towards the car. Police found the child in the hotel room. 

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