Almost Tee Time for PGA Championships at Whistling Straits

CBS58 spend the day on Wednesday in Sheboygan County and got an update from the PGA Championship Director who says they're about 90 percent ready for all the fun and competitiveness a huge golf tourney like this can bring.

What struck our crew, at least on this day, was the laid back atmosphere, especially when you consider several hundred thousand people who will be gathering here, including the 3500 volunteers.

Event organizers say the fact this is the third PGA championship played here since 2004 makes it easier in terms of keeping expectations in check. Meantime crews spent today putting finishing touches on the grounds to get ready for this world class event.

Happening this weekend...the Championship Shops at Whistling Straits will be open to anyone.  10am to 6pm each day.  No ticket is required, and parking is free. There's plenty of golf merchandise and you can see the PGA Championship and Ryder Cup trophies together side by side.

Tickets are still on sale for the championship itself. Plus keep in mind any ticket holder can bring up to four people in for free but they have to be 17 years old and under.

There's also a great Whistling Straights app you can download for free.  Have fun!

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