All Things Halloween

The Halloween weekend is upon us and the weather this time around is mostly more treat than trick. You can see that over the last five years it was more of a trick, with all but one Halloween featuring below normal temps and 2013 going down with measurable snow!

This year, it looks like there's a variety of trick of treat times across our area. Here's a link to all the times on our website:

Here's what you can expect for each day around 4pm. It should stay dry with lots of clouds both Saturday and Sunday, and a little more sun Monday. All three days will be breezy.

Here's some of the extreme Halloween weather over the years, for Milwaukee:

Warmest High: 80° 1950 Coldest Low: 20° 1917
Warmest Low: 57° 1974 Coldest High: 30° 1917
Wettest: 1.45" 1871 Snowiest: .4" 1926

A few other stats show that 37% of the time there is precipitation on Halloween and in the last 121 years 2% of Halloweens experienced snow.

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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