All Saints Cathedral Holds Vigil for Orlando Victims

All Saints Cathedral along Juneau in Milwaukee welcomed the entire community last night for an interfaith service.

The rector tells CBS 58 that this has overtones of 9-11 in terms of the helplessness felt by many Americans.

It was his intent that by the end of the service people will feel less alone and still believe in the human spirit. 

“One of the things we can take away from this is that we all have biases. We all have our own prejudices. In the wake of something like this. It also causes us to look inward. Where are we as far as loving our neighbor. Where are as far as respecting the dignity of all people,” said Kevin Carroll, Dean and Rector.

The rector was certain not to bring in issues of gun control and profiling into last night's service but acknowledged those are serious discussions that need to happen and soon. 

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