"All hands on deck:" Local hospitality leaders gearing up to take on 2020 DNC crowds

“All hands on deck: “ Local hospitality leaders gearing up to take on 2020 DNC crowds

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- An estimated 50,000 guests will need somewhere to stay and somewhere to eat when they stay in the Milwaukee area for the Democratic National Convention in 2020. 

"All hands on deck," said Omar Shaikh, President, Surg Restuarant Group.

The DNC in Milwaukee will be huge economically for hotels and restaurants. 

"We are on an international spotlight and we need to show all these people that we can provide great hospitality, great food so we will be talked about for a long time," said Shaikh. 

The city of Milwaukee has about 5,000 hotels rooms and in the metro area, there's about 17,000. That means many people will have to stay at hotels in surrounding areas or in alternatives like VRBO and Airbnb. 

Marcus Corporation owns The Pfister Hotel, Hilton Milwaukee City Center and Saint Kate - The Arts Hotel. Altogether, it will provide 1,255 hotel rooms for the convention. 

"The rooms are the rooms, we have enough rooms. We have the infrastructure, the hotel supply, the work ethic, it's all going to come together and create an awesome experience," said Greg Marcus, President CEO of Marcus Corporation. 

The Pfister Hotel's rooms are booked for the convention and the Hilton Milwaukee City Center will be the headquarters. 

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