Alexia Dailey Family Speaks Out after Garcia Sentenced to Life in Prison

Just days after her boyfriend gets life in prison for killing their 5-month-old baby and a family friend trying to protect her, Alexia Dailey is speaking out.

Ruben Garcia pleaded guilty to two counts of homicide and was sentenced on Friday.

The Dailey family shared their story at Milwaukee's Sojourner Family Peace Center this week.        

"Way too long," said Alexia Dailey.

Those are the words she uses to describe the long process of putting Garcia away.

It's been more than a year since her ex-boyfriend attacked and stabber her and her boyfriend, Chris Hamilton, and her 5-month-old daughter Kairii, and her God Father, Paul Kucharczyk.

Alexia is still healing from emotional and physical wounds.

"I can't feel a majority of this side of my neck at all. Pretty much the whole left side, under my chin, part of my cheek, half of my left ear," said Alexia Dailey.

But she is getting stronger each day. At the sentencing of Ruben Garcia, she gave a victim impact statement. Alexia's grandfather, Pat Dailey says Alexia told the court how Mr. Garcia hurt Alexia, but did not break Alexia.

"We're so proud of her," said Pat Dailey.

Alexia and her support system have honored 5-month-old Kairii.

"Last year on her birthday when she would have turned one, we had a little celebration. It was a day where we were like, 'No one gets to be sad. This is a happy day. We're just honoring her and all of our happy memories,'" said Alexia Dailey.

Sojourner Family Peace Center has been with Alexia since the day the incident happened. 

"At this time of unimaginable suffering we share in their grief." said Carmen Pitre, CEO of Sojourner Family Peace Center. 

Alexia said she wants to help other victims of domestic violence.

"I tried getting out of the relationship four times, and each time it turned into, 'I'll never do that again. Don't worry I've changed. I'm better," said Alexia Dailey.

She explained some of the warning signs she first saw in her abusive relationship.

"I don't want anyone to feel what I've felt, but so many people going through it," said Alexia Dailey.

If you are in a domestic violence situation, the Sojourner Family Peace Center wants to help.

They have a 24-hour hotline: (414)933-2722.

If you know someone in a domestic violence situation and you want to know how you can help, the Peace Center has tips and resources:

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