Alderman wants to review railroads carrying crude oil through Milwaukee

Dozens of trains roll along tracks in and out of Milwaukee on a daily basis. The trains pass through Milwaukee carrying all varieties of cargo.

Some of these are hauling crude oil from northwest North Dakota, or what's called Bakken crude. There's been some notable disasters with trains carrying this one of those in Quebec Canada and more recently in Galena, Illinois. That's why Milwaukee Alderman Bob Bauman is asking for a review of what comes through Milwaukee.

Bauman knows the city has little to no power over the railroads. But they want a clear understanding of what other agencies and levels of government can do. He says some concerned residents from the 3rd and 5th wards contacted him about this.

He wants to create an open dialogue on the topic. The fire department will present Wednesday about what their role would be.

\"[We hear from residents that the] City should do something. Well we would love to do something if we had the authority,\" Ald. Bauman said. \"In the zoning area, we got the authority, we can do something. In the licensing, we have the authority, we can do something. Regulating the railroads, we really don't have any authority.\"

Bauman plans to bring this item up before the public works committee Wednesday.

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