Alderman calls for DOT to stop overnight work on Hoan Bridge

MILWAUKEE -- He's been flooded with complaints over the last few days. Alderman Bob Bauman wants the DOT to stop overnight construction on the Hoan Bridge.  He's received email and phone complaints from people in his district.  

He says the DOT is violating Milwaukee city ordinance by working at night and making excessive noise. One person took video of the jackhammer work being done at 1:11 am Friday morning.

\"I find this totally and utterly outrageous,\" Bauman said. \"A sheer representation of arrogance on the part of the state of Wisconsin. Another example of sticking it to Milwaukee.\"

Bauman was joined by Milwaukee County Supervisor Russell Stamper who supports Bauman.  

Bauman wants the DOT to follow the city noise ordinance.  He also plans to have the city attorney look at filing a public nuisance lawsuit against the contractor and plans to write a letter to Governor Walker.

The DOT posted on the Hoan Bridge project page saying they understand it has been loud.  They're removing the largest section of the bridge deck and it has been challenging.  They said the noise will be reduced significantly by the end of this weekend. 

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