Alabama Senate race gets reaction from Wisconsin politicians

NOW: Alabama Senate race gets reaction from Wisconsin politicians

WISCONSIN (CBS58) -- In today's special election Alabama voters will decide who will be the next state senator. The race is between Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones.

Moore has been accused of sexual misconduct with teenagers. He has denied and questioned the timing of these allegations. 

Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke came to his defense at Moore's rally.

“The only voters I care about are actual voters, the ones who are going to going go to polls tomorrow and put Roy Moore over the top to become the U.S. Senator from the state of Alabama,” he said. 

Clarke urged Moore supporters to head to the polls.

"If you want tax reform to finally happen and you want to see jobs created again the way President Trump has created jobs or at least provided the catalyst to do it since he took office, then you must turn out tomorrow and vote for Roy Moore," Clarke said. 

Wisconsin democrat congresswoman Gwen Moore wrote a letter to the Senate Sergeant at Arms against the republican candidate. 

Congresswoman Gwen Moore : Press Releases : Roy Moore Poses Significant Threat to Youth in U.S. Senate Page Program “It has come to light that Roy Moore is alleged to have had a number of inappropriate relationships with at least ten minors. The threat Roy Moore posed to minors was so notorious and troublesome that in 1979 he was banned from the Gadsen Mall and YMCA for soliciting sex from minor girls," Moore wrote. 

Click here to see the full statement.

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