Airbnb announces national partnership at LULAC convention

NOW: Airbnb announces national partnership at LULAC convention

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Airbnb announced a national partnership with LULAC on Thursday at the National Convention in Milwaukee.

Airbnb and LULAC are hoping that by reaching out to the Latino community they can show them about the economic opportunities available to make extra money on their own time.

Airbnb and LULAC are encouraging Latinos to host families in their homes and also host experiences, like cooking classes or tours of their communities.

They say it’s not only a way to earn extra income, but to bring diverse people together that may not normally interact with one another.

Maria Cuba of Airbnb says they hope to fuel an already growing niche in the Latino communities across the country.

“Airbnb, especially experiences, is about economic empowerment and economic opportunity and this is a way for people to become entrepreneurs,” Maria Cuba said. “I know that Latino women are the fastest growing population as far as entrepreneurship, so I just think it’s a perfect opportunity for our community.”

Airbnb says hosts can set their own prices and they can keep up to 97% of their earnings.

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