Air Force Group in Wisconsin is Trying to Reunite Aging Veterans

The 8th Air Force Historical Society, Wisconsin Chapter is trying to bring back together veterans who served in World War II.

Its raising money for the veterans, ages 91-96, to get to the national reunion in St. Louis, MO. 

The hope is to celebrate and honor those who protected liberty and freedom as well as educate the general public, in particular high school students, about the 8th Air Force and their role in the greater mission of all military.

The deadline to donate is October 10th to get the Veterans to Missouri in time for the event October 19-23. 

For those who are computer savvy: Go to GO FUND In the search box type:
Help WI WWII 8th Air Force Veterans (Tina Spritka created the page)

If you are seeking a tax write off: We are partnering with CRG Foundation
who will accept donations on our behalf at CRG Foundation, PO Box 371086, Milwaukee, WI 53237.

When completing your checks, write checks to CRG Foundation. Be sure to indicate Wisconsin Chapter 8th Air Force Historical Society in the “FOR”
portion of the lower left corner of your check. 

Any amount will help.

It will cost approximately $600. -$700 per person.  

Although Wisconsin’s Chapter of the Eighth Air Force Historical Society is one of the largest and oldest chapters in the nation, it is completely
volunteer and needs  help!

In the words of one of its 93 year old 8th Air Force vets, “I always wanted to go to the national convention, but just couldn’t come up with the funds, if
there is a way to get me there I would be eternally grateful!”

The Wisconsin Chapter, 8th Air Force Historical Society  meets  quarterly in April,  June, September and December at the 128th Air Refueling Wing.

The group was formed 21 years ago and consists solely of  volunteers supporting veterans of all military branches in  Wisconsin and Illinois.

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