Aggressive Ad Campaign Combatting Statutory Rape & Teen Pregnancy

(Milwaukee)--They're the same folks who brought us the baby with a butcher knife ad, aimed at discouraging co-sleeping. Now Serve Marketing is out with another provocative campaign. This one tackles the issue of statutory rape and teenage pregnancy.

There are a total of 27 displays at 21 bus shelter locations, mainly on the north side. Six locations have back to back displays facing both towards the street and toward the inside of the shelter. Beside Serve, the United Way of Greater Milwaukee is spearheading this project as well. The United Way says most babies born to teen moms in the Milwaukee are fathered by adult men, many well over the age of 18. And even though the teen birth rate has dropped some 50 percent in just the last eight years, this topic weighs heavily on the minds of many.

There is a great website for parents and kids alike on topics of healthy sexual behavior. It's called \",\" and it's in both English and Spanish.

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