Acting Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson's brother charged in January shooting

NOW: Acting Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson’s brother charged in January shooting

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The half-brother of Acting Mayor Cavalier Johnson was arrested this week for allegedly shooting a man in January.

Allen Addison, Jr. did not say much at his initial court appearance Friday, only answering a few yes or no questions virtually from jail.

He's been charged with one count of first degree reckless injury and possession of a firearm by a felon.

According to the Milwaukee County criminal complaint, Addison is accused of shooting at a man, identified as "EK", multiple times on Jan. 4.

"EK" told detectives he was in his car near 11th and Keefe when a truck pulled up next to him and someone pulled out a gun and started firing. Detectives said "EK" was shot in the back of his head, his left bicep and near his left shoulder.

"EK" said there was a dispute between him and Addison that happened in December 2021. That was when "EK" broke up a fight between Addison and the mother of Addison's child. Police said records show the woman had previously called police over abuse from Addison. She would stay at "EK's" home during some of those disputes. "EK" told detectives Addison told him he would get back at him for the dispute in December.

A warrant led to Addison's arrest earlier this week. He was transferred from police custody to the Milwaukee County Jail on March 31, records show.

The mayor's office said Johnson had not seen Addison since November 2021 and was not aware of the shooting or the warrant until after the arrest.

Johnson has not shied away from his half-brother's criminal history, telling reporters Friday, "I haven't hidden away from that I have often said on the campaign trail that I have one brother that has run a prison facility and another brother who has been his prisoner, been his inmate," Johnson said. "I haven't shied away from that and this is just further proof of the beginnings and the connections that I have with people who come from challenged neighborhoods in Milwaukee."

In his victory speech the night of the primary election February 15, Johnson told the crowd, "I've been the victim of crime in this city, and I have a bullet in my car to prove it. I've got a brother who runs a prison facility, and another brother who has been a prisoner in that facility. I've lived the struggles that you live."

With Tuesday's election fast approaching, political expert Mordecai Lee says the news is unlikely to impact voters enough to change their minds, so he expects it will be a ripple that fades away by Election Day.

He says the message to voters is "Let's focus on the candidate. Let's not make somebody accountable for something that's beyond their control, for something that's really outside both their public life and their private life."

When reached Friday afternoon, Johnson's opponent Bob Donovan said "no comment."

Lee says while some candidates would try to capitalize on anything and everything late in the campaign, Donovan's approach shows "That he's not mucking around in this kind of approach to politics and that he has a dignified and honorable approach to his opponent."

In December 2021, Johnson's teen nephew was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting an 87-year-old woman outside the Waukesha Public Library.

Addison's initial appearance in court was April 1. His cash bail was set at $25,000 and his next court appearance is scheduled for April 11 for his preliminary hearing. If convicted of both counts he could face fines totaling $125,000, 40 years in prison, or both.

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