Ace Hardware employees say snow blower sales are up

NOW: Ace Hardware employees say snow blower sales are up


WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS58)-- There's only two snow blowers on display at the Ace Hardware in Wauwatosa. Employees say there’s barely any at their warehouse.

“We started the season with a truck load of Toro snow blowers, an actual semi-trailer and we’re completely out," Kevin Fink said. He is the store manager.

“We had so many boxes of snow blowers, we didn’t know what to do with the boxes because our dumpsters were full. It's almost like we didn’t even have enough room in the back to put them together. That’s the kind of day it was on December 30,"Tommy Davis said. He is the assistant manager.

Not only are people buying snow blowers, but they're coming in for repairs. 

“We had 30 repairs come in on one day about two snow storms ago, so we’ve sold out a lot of stock," Fink said.

Davis says he thinks a lot of people were not prepared.

“When it hit the first time, it wasn’t just the first time, the next three or four days we got hit again with the same amount of snow which really put a lot of people behind the eight ball as far as inventory, products," Davis said. "None of us were prepared for that short period of time with that much activity."

“We did start off with a lot of stuff on hand, but it’s just been incredible the volume with all this bad weather," Fink said.

Employees say never leave gas in your snow blower during the summer months. The gas breaks down fast and it can clog the carbonator.

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