Aaron Rodgers Talks about Brett Favre's Legacy

There's so much of Brett Favre's legacy, his persona that defined a generation of Packers football.

Favre's risk-taking, fun-loving style helped put Packers football back on the map in the 90s, and the success continued well into the following decade, when Green Bay experienced one of the rarest pleasures in all of sports two future hall of fame quarterbacks on the same roster at the same time.

Aaron Rodgers hasn't talked much about Favre through the years, but number 12 opened up about number four today at his locker.

“It was fun to be around him. He brought a lot of energy to practice, enthusiasm. He loved the game. He loved being around it. He especially loved playing on Sundays and always brought great energy to the field. But he was a prankster as well. He was part of putting my helmet on the table and having everybody sign it, and I had to go out to practice with it. Everybody had signed it, including myself on my own helmet. But once they did, I realized that's got Favre's and some other guys autographs. Don't wipe it off. I tried to get the Packers clubhouse attendant not to wipe off those autographs. But you had to watch yourself around him sometimes because he was always trying to incite some pranks. You had to be careful,” said Rodgers.

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