A whole bunch of seasons to get through this week

Milwaukee (CBS 58)--This will be one of those weeks with so many weather players.  It's almost hard to keep up.  First off, look for summertime to come back to us, big time, Monday and Tuesday as a warm front lifts north of the region.  We're talking about highs well in the 80s with heat indices near 90! 

As a cold front gets closer to us on Tuesday, look for showers and storms to fire throughout the day on Tuesday into Tuesday night.  The front gets hung up for about a day across the area, so showers will continue Wednesday into Thursday morning.  Some of us could see several inches of rain at least.

Then, behind this system, expect some of the coolest air of the season thus far.  We're talking about highs in the 50s to near 60 by Friday with lows in the 40s widespread.

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