A Warm & Windy Start to the Week

The weekend came with Freeze Warnings and now we're talking about temps near 70! Gotta love fall in Wisconsin, right?! At least there's something for everyone as this is one of the biggest transition months of the year, in terms of temperatures. On the first of the month, the average high temperature in Milwaukee is 65. By the month's end, the average high temp slips to 54.  So far, we've experienced three days in the 70s this October. Now, our early afternoon temps are already pushing that 70 degree mark in some spots.

Milwaukee's 1pm temp is checking in at 69 degrees, warmth we haven't felt in a week. And it won't stop today! With a strong south to southwest wind expected over the next three days, we'll be anticipating temps to float around 70 degrees through Wednesday. However, the wind can make it feel a little less pleasant. Check out these wind gusts!

The good news is that the wind should ease a bit tomorrow, the bad news is that it looks a little more gray. There's also a chance for a few spotty showers, but what we can squeeze out should be light and widely scattered.

Here's how the next twenty-four hours plays out across the metro:

As you can see, today is looking windy, and the gusts could be near 40 mph. By tomorrow, the wind slackens a bit. Both days will be just as mild. A check of the almanac shows our average monthly temp to date 54.5 (That's the average of all the highs and lows combined) which puts us one degree above normal so far. Something we are falling short on though is precipitation. We've picked up just .15" of rain so far leaving us more than an inch and a quarter behind. It doesn't look like we'll see much in the way of accumulation over the next couple days, but looking farther out, this Saturday may bring more relief in the rain department. Keep a watch on forecasts this week as we track several rain chances through the weekend.

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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