A Star Gazing, Sun Bathing Weekend Ahead

After a rather cloudy start to the day, sunshine swept in for the afternoon. It's all thanks to high pressure settling into the area.

Along with the clearing sky, drier air is working in for tonight and this weekend. The crisp air mass was noticeable, especially along the lake with a cool northeast breeze. But as this high sinks down across the Midwest, our wind will ease tonight. Under a fair sky, temps will drop down to the upper 30s! By the way, did you know that today is our last day with average low temps in the 30s?! Come tomorrow the average low rises to 40 degrees.

If you're a star gazer, it's a good weekend for you! The next couple nights will give you a chance to see Aurora's in the night sky. With recent solar activity, particles emitted our way on solar winds, will accelerate along the Earth's magnetic field reacting to the gases in our atmosphere to produce waves of color.

The Annual Lyrid Meteor Shower also peaks tonight. If you're lucky, you'll be able to spot ten to twenty meteors per hour.

But if you're more of a day time person, there's still plenty to smile about this weekend. Abundant sunshine is in the forecast all weekend. And days continue to lengthen.

We're just two months away from our longest days of the year. As far as the forecast goes, temperatures will top in the low to middle 50s lakeside will inland spots near 60 by the afternoon. By Sunday, an offshore wind should allow all of us to enjoy temps in the 60s!

Enjoy it, rain chances are numerous next week!

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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