A Milwaukee County Golf Course Opens

MILWAUKEE -- It's time to tee off the golf season at Milwaukee County's Lincoln Park Golf Course.


\"It's a little chillier than we expected, but the golfers don't mind.\" said Near Carter, the course's head starter.


Friday is opening day, and for the golfers this day couldn't come soon enough.


\"I've been waiting for this day for a long winter, I guess a lot of other folks have been waiting for it too.\" said golfer Eugene Bell.


Reminders of winter are easy to find, but they aren't getting in the way because people have been thinking about this game for months.


\"It's rough, it just makes the winter last that much longer. You know watch the Golf Channel, play some Tiger Woods on my PS3 and stuff like that to bide the time.\" said golfer Ryan Feldbruegge.


The Milwaukee County Park District has 15 public golf courses. All of them are still closed but Lincoln Park.


\"We have real good drainage here, so we can open up earlier than most courses.\" said Carter.


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