'A little bit of help:' Local fundraisers benefit those fighting Covid crisis in India

NOW: ’A little bit of help:’ Local fundraisers benefit those fighting Covid crisis in India

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Covid crisis in India has skyrocketed, and as they fight off this second wave, health experts are saying India could even face a third wave in the near future. 

As Sikhs turn to prayer for loved ones overseas, in India, temples have been turned into makeshift hospitals.

India is in a desperate situation. With limited hospital beds and a shortage of liquid oxygen, some 4,000 people died in a 24-hour period due to coronavirus. 

“It’s really, really been heartbreaking,” said Paramjit Kaur of Royal India Milwaukee.

Adding to worry, a travel ban started Tuesday, May 4. It prevents travel to the US from India with few exceptions.

“We cannot go there, they cannot come here, so this is another, oh, drawback that we cannot meet each other and take care of everyone, you know,” said Kaur.

Wondering when this restaurant owner will see her family again, she's starting a fundraiser. Proceeds from a lunch buffet at Royal India Milwaukee next week, May 11-15, will go directly to India.

“Just a little bit of help from us. If it’s gonna be helping them, it just makes us like -- make us a little bit happy that we are, we can at least do something,” said Kaur.

Others in Milwaukee are just as passionate to help.

“My entire family is there. Mom, dad, sisters and brother, immediate family plus others relatives, everybody’s in India. So it is significantly concerning for me,” said Purnima Nath of IndiaFest Milwaukee.

IndiaFest Milwaukee allows you to designate your donation to the Covid crisis in India. They'll either send cash or boxes of oxygen.

“They’re like little boxes like that you can send that out as well, and we have seen that too, and we’re trying to see do we send that or do we send funding that’s necessary? What is faster, will help the people?” said Nath.

The Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee says they're planning to hold a prayer service in the next week as well. 

The date and time are yet to be determined.

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