'A family tradition': Hundreds camp out for Milwaukee's Fireworks show

NOW: ’A family tradition’: Hundreds camp out for Milwaukee’s Fireworks show

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee's famous July 3rd fireworks are back, shooting off from Lake Michigan near Veterans Park Sunday night.

With hundreds of overnight campers claiming their spots, many of them have been coming every year as a family tradition.

CBS 58's Jenna Wells set out to find out their tips and tricks for the best Milwaukee fireworks experience from the real experts.

Jenna found 5 top tips shared by firework-watching pros at the park.

Tip #1: Come early.

"Get out here as early as you can and stay as late as you can.," said Jenny Taff. Her family has been camping out for fireworks in the same spot for 43 years.

Along with arriving early, it's important to remember that parking fills up quickly, with nearby roads closing, so look for alternative ways to get to the park.

"Ride your bike because parking is not easy," said Karen Thomas, who has taken her bike to the Milwaukee fireworks show for several years.

"Park downtown, walk down the hill, and come down to enjoy the fireworks," is the pro-tip from Scott Fischer with Gift of Wings kite store.

Tip #2: Bring plenty of food and drinks.

"Bring a lot of water. Stay hydrated," Taff said.

If you want something extra, that leads into...

Tip #3: Check out the vendors. There are plenty of food trucks and beer tents at the park throughout the day and night.

David Hofer with the Wisconsin Fried Cheese Curds tent said they will stay open for 30 to 45 minutes after the fireworks, to make sure everyone can get a bite.

Tip #4 is very important: Keep the park clean. There are plenty of trash bags provided by the staff.

"We've been handing them out to the campers and handing them out to people all day, asking them to put their trash in the bag, asking them to either take it home, or leave it for us to pick up tomorrow," Fischer said.

Volunteers are welcome to help with trash pick-up on July 4.

Lastly, Tip #5: Pass on the family tradition.

"I've been here since 1978 at the same area," said Gloria Patricia Alvarez-Schaff, who met her husband at the fireworks show 30 years ago, "The kids all take care of it now. I'm just passing it on for a good time."

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