A December to Remember

Mild weather continues across the area. This year's strong El Nino is really helping aid in the mild weather flow over our area. The polar jet is bumped north and has locked the cold air well into northern Canada. Today's average high temperature in Milwaukee is 35°. But our temperatures have been anything but normal as of late. Take a look at the high and low temperature in Milwaukee each day so far this month.


Moving forward the weather looks to be even milder through this weekend. Here's the forecast for high temperatures in Milwaukee:

Even our overnight lows are expected to stay above the average high temperature through this stretch. We've already had one fifty degree day this month and we're slated for another three. This got me wondering how common fifty degree weather is during the month of December. Here's a look at the last five years:

It appears that we generally get at least one mild day, but this year looks to rival 2012. So while we're talking about temps this mild, we are still monitoring the chance for thunderstorms with the stronger weather makers that are poised to come through our area. As it looks right now, there is a chance for some stormy weather as a strong cold front hits our area on Sunday. The computer models are still sorting out the timing so anticipate a little wiggle room in the weekend rain.

Beyond that, temps look to cool back to the middle to upper 30s as we get into the following week.

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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