"A Day without Latinos and Immigrants" to take Place at State Capitol (PHOTOS)

“A Day without Latinos and Immigrants” is taking place at the state Capitol on Thursday to protest against what organizers are saying are two anti-immigration bills being considered.

Bill AB 723 addresses the ability of local governments issuing local ID cards to immigrants. Bill SB 369 would forbid municipalities from enacting ordinances that would prohibit their law enforcement officers from inquiring about the immigration status of people they contact

Buses of demonstrators are expected to arrive from Milwaukee, Racine, Beloit, Green Bay, Wausau and more Wisconsin cities.

Approximately 28 buses from all over the state are expected to arrive in Madison.

They are meeting at the State Street entrance at the Capitol around 10:00 AM. Speech program begins 11:00 am and then will march around capitol at 11:30 AM.

There are 24 Hispanic businesses in the Milwaukee area which will be closed for the day.

One of the businesses is the El Rey Grocery Store on Milwaukee's South Side.  This store has not closed down like this before, but many of its 400-workers will head to Madison for the demonstration. 

Colleagues with our sister station, Telemundo Wisconsin, spoke with the store owner who said it's important to support the Hispanic community

"It will affect everybody if this law goes in effect.  That's why we want to send a strong message that we need Latinos."

The businesses closing include: El Rey; La Hacienda; El Cabrito Restaurant; Taqueria Arandas en la 13; Panaderia Lincoln; Fiesta Salon and Spa; MG Multiservicios; Rivera's Western Wear; Charrito; General Towing; Apocolyptic Tattoo Shop; La Carcacha Auto Shop; El Tucanazo; Fiesta Garibaldi; Van Horn Latino; Crystal Alteraciones; Ropa Tradicional; Mi Lupita Grocery; Shalom Secondhand; BA Handyman; Celebrity’s Hall; G&P Construction; JC King’s Tortas; and Restaurant Compucell.

CBS 58 and Telemundo will be working together to bring you coverage of those events from Madison.

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