A Body Scanner Offers New Approach to Fitness

A new piece of fitness technology offers to support people on their weight loss journey and it is showing positive results.

Musical theater actress Sarah Loman has struggled with her weight and wanted to make major changes to her body. 

A few months ago, she came to TMPL gym in New York City to see if a new high tech approach could help.

Dozens of high end fitness centers around the country are now offering this 3-D scanning technology. A special camera takes hundreds of body measurements, from how much muscle an individual has to where fat is stored. 

The scanner creates a 3D model of a person's body in less than minute.  

Clients at the TMPL gym also undergo a second body scan, and fill out an extensive health survey. 

“That informs us as to how to exercise, eat, possibly supplement, to correct whatever is going on with the metabolism. So we can make changes in that body composition, says TMPL gym owner David Barton.

The noticeable changes help keep Sarah motivated.

"You see the number on the scale, but the number on the scale doesn't break down how much of that is muscle, how much of that is water weight, how much of that is body fat," says Loman.

In about four months, Loman lost 30 pounds and gained three pounds of muscle.  

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