UW-Madison annual Varsity Band Concert will celebrate Camp Randall centennial

NOW: UW-Madison annual Varsity Band Concert will celebrate Camp Randall centennial


MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Mike Leckrone keeps the Badger band on beat and is also known for his aerial stunts. This weekend, he will once again be at the helm of the UW-Madison Marching Band during its annual spring varsity concert.

"I've been cleared for takeoff. We're planning to go full boar when we get to concert week."

Leckrone has been directing the band for more than 40 years, and he's credited with bringing it up to today's Big 10 high standards. He had a setback last year, double bypass surgery, but that didn't stop him. While he had to take it easy last year, he plans to be back in full force this time around, including those mid-air somersaults the audience has come to love. 

Plus, there's a very special theme - Camp Randall Stadium's centennial. 

"We figured it was a natural. You put that together and it gives us a lot of things to talk about throughout the course of the evening historically and musically because a lot of things happen musically. So, I thought it was a natural thing for us to link on to. It's a pretty significant milestone to have that building there for 100 years." 

Despite health complications, Leckrone says it's the students who keep him going.  

"The students have an enthusiasm that’s inherent with their age. They enjoy doing all the things that we do. It kind of rubs off. I don’t think you can be around them and not sense that energy," said Leckrone. 

The UW Varsity Band Concert takes place over 3 nights, Thursday through Saturday.

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