Local postal workers feel cuts and changes to USPS will slow down mail, election ballots

NOW: Local postal workers feel cuts and changes to USPS will slow down mail, election ballots

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Local postal workers say current actions of the Trump administration and Postmaster General undermine the U.S. Postal Service.

The Milwaukee Area Chapter of the American Postal Workers Union sent out a letter stating, in part: “We never leave mail behind.”

Worries come from the union as they believe cuts to hours and overtime, and fewer processing machines, will cause severe delays.

“So when the Postmaster General comes in now and says, ‘hey we’re going to reduce hours’, especially during a pandemic when there’s more postal workers absent because they’re quarantined or they’re sick or their family member is sick, those have the potential of delaying the mail right there," Union Vice President Chris Czubakowski said.

If you get mail, the union is urging you to call your congressional representative and say you oppose any actions that slow down your service.

“People are relying on (us) to get their checks, medicines, absentee ballots – that’s far from a joke," he added.

In Wisconsin, Milwaukee City Clerk Jim Owczarski told CBS 58:

"With its decision to enact the SafeVote program, the Common Council and the mayor chose to make mail-in, absentee balloting an important part of both the August Primary and the Fall General balloting. The number of ballots received in Tuesday's election is evidence that people have responded. As this is so, the prompt receipt, carrying, and delivery of mail both to and from the city is of great importance."

President Trump has linked mail-in voting to voter fraud, but tweeted his support for it in the battleground state of Florida.

Czubakowski feels it’s just part of a politician’s playbook.

“The Playbook is three D’s: delay, denigrate and destroy," he said. "You can delay the mail and you can denigrate the institution and the employees and then you can come in and destroy it.”

The CARES Act did grant the Postal Service a $10 billion loan.

And right now, Congress is considering an additional $25 billion grant through the HEROES Act.

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